Baby Elephant Forced To Entertain Guests At Five-Star Thailand Resort

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Yet another case of saddening case of elephant abuse is shown in a photograph of a baby elephant, (allegedly) being forced to ‘dance’ for tourists at the five-star Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Hotel in Phuket, Thailand.

The picture showing the animal covered in a white sheet being let out to party the resort’s pool was posted by the resort on its Facebook page which outraged an animal rights charity, stating that elephants should never be used as ‘ridiculous party props’.

The resort, part of the Accor Group, has since removed the photograph their social media page.

Amy Jones from Moving Animals said: “Elephants are sensitive, intelligent animals, not products to be used as a ridiculous party prop.

“Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach should not be promoting and supporting such cruelty, and this stunt will undoubtedly be bad for business as more and more tourists turn away from activities which exploit elephants.

“Earlier this year, Phuket made headlines after Moving Animals released photographs and footage of a skeletal baby elephant, ‘Dumbo’, who was forced to ‘rave’ to music and perform tricks for tourists’ entertainment.

“No elephant should have to suffer from this kind of abuse, and Phuket must take steps to make sure that these beautiful animals are protected.”

Unfortunately this is not the only time concern for the welfare of Thailand’s elephants has been expressed.

Horrific footage, showing an emaciated baby elephant being forced to dance was uncovered earlier this year as tourists watch and laugh in the background.

The infant, dubbed a ‘real-life Dumbo’, and two adults are seen nodding their heads and stamping their feet, as rave music blasts out of nearby speakers.

Trainers at the zoo in Phuket, Thailand, scrape the animals with hooks, believed to act as a reminder that they could be poked with sharp objects if they don’t perform, according to The Independent.

Investigators who filmed the upsetting footage also saw one elephant being jabbed by a trainer, while some of the older animals were made to swing hoops around their trunks.

And another elephant was pulled back to its place on the podium by its ear by a trainer, when it moved away.

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