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Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground (Video)



This cockatoo seriously took the cake when it comes to being a rebel!

Isaac Sherring-Tito was taking a stroll down in Katoomba, which is located in New South Wales, Australia when he spotted something rather entertaining.

A spiky object came falling from a building and when Isaac glimpsed up, he noticed a cockatoo doing what they do best – the bird was ripping up the spiked anti-bird system to clear its path.

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Isaac of course did what any of us would – he whipped out his phone and started recording.

Native to Australia, their lifespan is estimated to be up to 60 years, which is dependent on which of the 21 species they are.

The oldest ever recorded cockatoo living in captivity was Major Mitchell’s cockatoo named Cookie who was a long time resident of the Brookfield Zoo based in Chicago. The bird lived from 1933 to 2016 – that’s 83 years!

Parrots are zygodactyl, which means that they have 2 toes which point forward and 2 which point backwards, which make their feet very similar to hands. And this coupled with a fierce beak, they make terrific climbers, or in this case, destroyers!

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