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Adorable Video Of 4 Kittens Showing Support To A Street Performer Who Was Being Ignored



Life on the streets can be hard.  No matter how great of a job you do, or how hard you try, sometimes the people passing by don’t even bother to pay attention, let alone spare a dime.
Whether it is an artist waiting for an opportunity to find them, or an artist who was born to be a street performer, they are out there to put on a show and survive from it. It takes confidence and talent to make it but even superb skills won’t always bring about support. Being rejected and ignored is all part of a day’s work.
Take this Malaysian busker for example. He sang his heart out just to be ignored the whole night…by people that is.
Even though nobody stood around to listen to him and kindly throw him a buck, he did catch the attention of an unlikely group of music lovers – four 3-month-old kittens sat and listened to him sing and play his guitar.
As he sang, the kitties sat there watching him with their full attention. They were by far the cutest and most supportive crowd any performer could ever have!

How great are they!?

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