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21 Beagles Waiting For A Furrever Home After Release From A Testing Laboratory



Slavery, in any form, is wrong. Be it humans or any other species. And it would break your heart to know the condition of these 21 beagles brought up in captivity for lab testing! Testing and researching on animals for our medicines, fertilizers, and beauty products have been a bane on animal rights for quite a long time. Testing sites have very little light and the helpless animals used are kept in isolated and tiny cages. They are made to eat and also defecate at the same spot. It’s horrible.

Because of their harmless nature, beagles are often used for research. Their weight is also ideal at around 10-12 kilograms. Hundreds of beagles are grown in such confined environments, without any human contact, just for testing.

Image Courtesy: CTV News

Back in 2015, a law was passed by the Indian government which said that these dogs used for testing should be rehabilitated after a project is completed or if they are more than 3 years old. That’s where our hero, Chinthana Gopinath, comes in. She is the founder of Freagles of India or FOI, an organization which is involved in the rehabilitation of such beagles. As of now, 21 beagles have been released by a pharmaceutical lab in Ahmedabad. They range from 3-5 years of age.

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beagle love

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beagle trying to eat

Source: Facebook

The beagle adoption details have been provided in a Facebook post. The dogs are of perfect health and are vaccinated, neutered, and dewormed. All they lack is a home. These beagles can be adopted in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Gujarat.

Any interested party can drive down and get these dogs home. Cars are allowed for their transportation because these dogs are not yet used to loud noises or even human interaction. Trains and airplanes can affect them adversely.

beagle tired

Source: Facebook

beagle seeking

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The post has all the information about the dogs’ origins. They need special care because they were grown in a facility. If you are someone who CAN take care of them, you can inform the organization. The adoption team is available for help at all times if you are facing any difficulty with the beagle adoption process.

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beagle curious

Source: Facebook

So, if you are willing to give them a home, then you have to sign this form. Read everything carefully, reflect on your abilities and time and give these little furry buddies a furrever home!

Feature Image Courtesy: The Morning Call

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