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Animal Rights Activist Bizarrely Urges People To Let Mosquitoes Bite Them



French TV presenter and Animal Rights Activist, Aymeric Caron is urging people to allow mosquitoes to drink their blood and not kill them as the mother is only trying to feed her children.

As an anti-specist [someone who believes all species should be treated equally], Caron suggests mosquito bites should be accepted as a blood donation to the female as she needs the proteins to feed and nourish her children.

Furthermore, he encouraged people who do not wish to be bitten to use natural mosquito repellents such as citronella, lavender oil or garlic, to bathe regularly and avoid using perfumes.

He went on to say that the exception to the rule of killing mosquitoes would apply to people travelling to African countries where Malaria is prevalent, as philosopher and animal protection pioneer Albert Schweitzer.

Failing that, Caron urged people to follow the example of philosopher and animal protection pioneer Albert Schweitzer, who allowed himself to kill mosquitoes only in Africa where there is a risk associated with being bitten.

British animal-protection workers Caron’s comments went ‘a step too far’ and ‘an unhelpful distraction’.

Toni Vernelli, head of Animal Equality UK, draws the line at ‘parasites that carry malaria and kill millions of people a year’.

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