Amazing photos of a Mexican Temple of Santiago have been going viral, showing the 16th century church reappear from the water like a lost ruin of Atlantis. Reports suggest that the church is 183 feet long and 42 feet wide, with a bell tower that rises 48 feet above the ground.

Over the past few days, fishermen have been giving people trips out on their boats to let them explore the ruins themselves while they are exposed.

The church is said to have been built by a group of monks led by Friar Bartolome de la Casas, who arrived in the area with Spanish settlers around the mid-16th century. The church was abandoned between 1773 to 1776 due to massive plagues sweeping the area.

The church more commonly known as the Temple of Quechula, normally rests under nearly 100 feet of water since the completion of a dam in 1966.  But this recent drought has caused water levels to drop by more than 80 feet, leading to eerie sights such as this one you just saw in the video.






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