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Amazing Footage Shows Octopus Escape Through TINY Hole in Boat



A fisherman by the name of Chance Miller, who offers guided tours of the Chiswell Islands in Alaska, captured amazing footage of an octopus escaping through a small hole on his boat.

In the video, you can hear Miller telling the passengers on his boat that the octopus will feel its way to the water. Since octopuses have no bones, they are able to easily squeeze in and out of tight spaces.

Sensing that it may be in danger and wanting to get back to the water, the octopus pushed its body through a small hole in the side of the boat.

Octopuses are amazing creatures. In fact, they are so strange that it has even led some scientists and researchers to speculate that they are actually aliens, although the theory is highly controversial and disputed by many.

See the footage below:

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