Meet Zeus, a blind starry-eyed owl who was found injured on someone’s porch in Southern California. Fortunately after a visit to the vet the owl found a new permanent home at the local Wildlife Learning Centre. It was there that he got the name ‘Zeus’ , the Greek God of thunder and the sky because of his amazing starry eyes.

Because Zeus is blind he cannot be released back into the wild so he now lives on a trunk next to the founder of the Wildlife Learning Centre , Paul Hahn’s desk.

Check out the stunning pictures of Zeus below. It’s as if he has a whole galaxy of stars in each eye.


Thankfully the loving people at the local Wildlife Learning Centre have been taking good care of Zeus


It’s those beautiful starry eyes that got him his name Zeus.


He loves Halloween and has a little toy friend of his own to play with.


Zeus is very friendly and loves to play with and meet people so be sure to stop by if you are ever in California. Find out more about the Wildlife Learning Centre here

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