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After Three Years, the African Sandhof Lily FINALLY Blooms to Remind Us Great Things Are Always Worth the Wait



Blessed rains brought an end to the long drought plaguing the town of Maltahohe in Namibia. As wet season makes its way through Africa, blooming Sandhof Lilies brought an influx of global visitors early March. It’s been three years since they last blossomed. Before that, it had been almost seven years. There is a lot we can learn from the Sandhol Lily when it comes to patience, trust, and fleeting wonder.


These African flowers are known to blossom under specific climatic conditions. The heavy rains were just part of the equation. Sandhof lilies bloom in marshy areas only after the 20-hectare pan fills with 15-20 cm of water. Similar to the lotus flower, the African lily reminds us there is an underlying beauty hidden beneath every process… Even if we can’t always see it.



“Because of the drought, the field was clear and there were no shrubs. Thus the flowers bloomed to their full glory,” Mike Morgan, farm owner, later told publications. “We received visitors from Germany, South Africa, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. We opened for the whole week from sunrise to sunset. About two-thirds of the visitors were tourists while the remaining third were locals.”




“It is absolutely beautiful and amazing. What stays with you is the scent these flowers release. It takes you to another world of magic,” visitor Nangula Angula shares.


Like all things, every beginning must meet its end. With a four to seven day period, the Sandhol Lilly is short-lived. However, the tight window does not underestimate its beauty. Instead, we are reminded that appreciation can last a lifetime.


It is uncertain when these exquisite flowers will bloom again. Whether it be another three or seven years, the wait is always worth the burst of life and color.


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