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A Month’s Worth of Rain Falls on Australia in the Course of One Day—Finally!



Rain in Australia

The skies have fallen over the land down under and rain continues to pour in Australia. Heavy rain has already helped to extinguish 32 fires Thursday morning. With an expectancy of 30 to 80mm of rain between now and Sunday, some worries vanished while others are just beginning to surface.

While this may mark a well-deserved resting period for firefighters who have worked hard the past couple of months, the concern for wind speeds and water pollution looms. Winds of up to 133km have destroyed homes and posed safety concerns. With more rain to come, it does not necessarily mean the end of Australia’s bushfire season. The thunderstorms may cause a string of events to continue. Streaks of lightning sparked fires in Victoria’s eastern Great Otway National Park on Wednesday.

“Thunderstorms, a bit of a two-edged sword. While they can bring some much useful rain, it can also come down in pretty fast, high quantities,” Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Kevin Parkyn said.

“There’s high concentrations of ash, very vulnerable landscape when it comes to short bursts of heavy rainfall – which could see very quickly mudslides developing.”


From Nature’s Chaos to Harmony


The grounds have been destroyed and the fallen ash could very quickly make its way to open waterways. However, nature’s rhythm has its way of ultimately bringing balance to the surface.

“I’m really looking forward to the rain,” said Jennifer Shuwalow, a business owner in NSW, whose property was hit with burned leaves but was largely unscathed. “Anything that will slow these fires down and keep them contained till they actually burn themselves out will be brilliant.”

Safety warnings have been announced and many are encouraged to clean any surrounding debris and trim fallen branches. Today’s rainfall may have caused its string of natural reactions, but it also served as the start to calming many fires and possibly stabilizing the dry air.


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