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A Baby Weasel Took An Unusual Ride On Woodpecker’s Back



A photographer from East London has captured one of the most magical yet terrifying moments where a seemingly cute baby weasel hitches  ride on a woodpecker’s back.

You may think this is super cute, but there’s a  dark, more sinister scene playing out.

The baby weasel is in fact trying to eat the woodpecker and of course, as nature never disappoints, the woodpecker just wants to live. So badly in fact that the most intense scene breaks out.

Martin Le-May was at spending a rather picturesque day at Hornchurch Country Park when he heard a strange noise and spotted the two fighting.

He noticed something on the woodpecker’s back as it flew past, so Le-May did what any other avid photographer would do – he started snapping away.

As the bird landed, the weasel hopped off, stared at the couple and tottered off into the brush, bruised ego in tow.

The bird was later identified as a European woodpecker, known for their loud shrieks. The savor a diet of ants and measure roughly 210-216mm as adults.

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