500 Zero-Emission Electric Buses in NYC to Maintain Clean Air & Provide Effecient Transportation



New York City’s MTA announced on December 15, 2019, that it has deployed the first round of 15 electric buses on the 14th street busway route. This roll-out modernizes public transportation while maintaining clean air for pedestrians, tourists, and the environment. It also represents the first installment of 500 zero-emission electric buses. These will be purchased as part of the 2020-2024 Capital Plan that will serve all five boroughs. 

“We are committed to a state-of-the-art bus fleet across the entire city that is green and sustainable, and that means moving toward all-electric technology,” said NYC Transit President Andy Byford.

The plan will also incorporate a transitional period of purchasing zero-emission electric buses and chargers to replace older models. The total amount will equal $1.1 billion in investments. It will fund purchases of all 500 electric buses, chargers, as well as operations to keep up with vehicle updates. 

“The transition to zero-emission streets is happening now, and it’s very exciting,” said Lauren Bailey, Director of Climate Policy for Tri-State Transportation Campaign. “By adding electric buses, the MTA has created the future of transit in New York City. It’s time for the rest of the state’s public transit agencies to follow suit. As members of the Electrify New York coalition, we look forward to electric buses becoming the norm not only on city streets but throughout New York State and the tri-state region.” 

The MTA Plans for Clean Air and Efficient Transportation

Public transportation in itself is a greener and more affordable alternative than opting for travel in a car or personal taxi/Uber. According to the MTA, their buses remove 17 million metric tons of carbon emissions from the air per year by providing public transit services as an alternative to personal vehicle use. Their switch to zero-emission electric buses will reduce this number immensely. 

It’s an exciting time as NYC serves as a catalyst as well as an inspiration to surrounding cities. The MTA doesn’t plan on stopping with electric buses either. Part of their Fast Forward plan also included the modernization of subway transportation and redesigning bus routes.


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