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$2500 Tiny House With Geodesic Dome Window Shows A Simpler Way Of Living



This cute and cosy tiny house is part of a community based in Australia called Wurruk’an which is according to their website ”an inclusive gathering space for people seeking to pioneer and demonstrate a ‘simpler way’ of living based on permaculture principles.”

More and more people I speak to tell me how they would like to live ”off the grid” and go back to simpler ways. Well I have to say I’m very impressed with this particular community’s way of thinking. Here is a well written excerpt from their website:

A growing network of individuals and communities are forming bonds as they pass through our woods and waters. People come to Wurruk’an to share, learn, teach, and be inspired. Others come to regenerate, heal, or tell new stories of prosperity. More than anything else, perhaps, Wurruk’an is an evolving demonstration project that is seeking to envision and prefigure a world that respects people, place, and planet, while connecting others who are pioneering the same journey. We are also making a documentary which is intended to share what we are learning in the hope of reaching out to the broader community. Our aim is not to escape the system but to see if we can contribute to its positive transformation.

As stewards of this beautiful land we feel it is our responsibility to explore the question of what ‘one planet’ living might look like. We ask the question: ‘how can we flourish as human beings without degrading the ecosystems upon which the entire community of life depends?’ Through this enquiry we hope to provoke a broader social conversation about the need to transcend consumer culture and advance toward a simpler way of life based on notions of sufficiency, frugality, mindfulness, local economy, non-violence, and appropriate technology. Our existing civilisation is in the process of destroying itself. Consumerism is a gross failure of imagination. Our efforts are an attempt to turn these crises into an opportunity for creative renewal.

If this is a way of life you would consider I encourage you to research into it more and take inspiration from the people at Wurruk’an. You can contact them by clicking here.

Below is a film which shows just how they built a tiny house for just $2500 using almost entirely recycled materials.
Kasim Khan, Team EiC

A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity Trailer

You can follow their progress here on their Facebook page A Simpler Way: Crisis As Opportunity. Get involved , get active and help to make the world a better place.

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