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​Dolphin Family Swim Together Before Hunters Close In To Slaughter Them



The dolphin hunting season has begun in Taiji, Japan. As the video shows, the dolphins swimming closely together as the hunters close in on them. Yes, large scale dolphin drive hunting is still happening in Taiji, Japan.

Non-profit organization, Dolphin Project, wrote on Twitter: “It’s been a tragic start to the dolphin hunting season here in Taiji. The month is not even half over yet and we have seen brutal slaughters and heartbreaking captures take place.”

Pilot whales are one of the largest species of oceanic dolphins.  According to Dolphin Project, the nursery pod of pilot whales, had been ‘ruthlessly hunted’ for hours before being driven into shallow waters.

A blog post on their website read: “Exhausted and traumatized, the family surfaced and spy hopped as they caught their breath. Once the nets were dropped and their fate was sealed, they swam in a tight circle, always touching one another. Their beautiful matriarch could be also be seen swimming around them, always rubbing up against members of her family.”

The exhausted and stressed pod was left alone overnight and the hunters returned soon after sunrise the next morning.

The whales continued ‘swimmingly closely together as they tried to understand what was happening’, but the hunters started separating them to start the captive selection.

The blog post continued: “The pilot whales were frantic to get away from the hunters but to also stay together.

“Their splashing echoed up towards us on the hill as we watched their desperate final attempts at freedom and life.”

Eight of the pod were taken to a life in captivity, while the rest remained trapped on the shore – and then the slaughter began.

“The slaughter process was long, bloody and loud,” the Dolphin Project blog post said.

“The pilot whales thrashed against the water as they were dying.

“We continued to live stream this horror, watching as their blood seeped out from under the tarps.

“The hunters slaughtered this family in phases, presumably because of their size. They appeared to kill three to four individuals at a time, so those left waiting for their turn at death had to swim in bloody water and witness their family slowly dying.

“The matriarch was killed and alone, she was taken to the butcher house. We could see her dead body floating on the surface as the boat prepared to take her away.”

Exhausted pilot whales spyhop after being driven into the Cove, Taiji, Japan.

Injury seen on young pilot whale’s head, Taiji, Japa

Pilot whale matriarch comforts family members after being driven into the Cove, Taiji, Japan

Pilot whales left overnight in the Cove, Taiji, Japan

Pilot whales selected for “life” in captivity, Taiji, Japan

Slaughtered pilot whale matriarch is dragged to the butcher’s house, Taiji, Japan

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