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Mike ‘Zappy” Zapolin: Ketamine Therapy Offers Breakthroughs in Overcoming Trauma

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Known for his award-winning documentary, Reality of Truth, Mike ‘Zappy” Zapolin joins Kash Khan for a conversation on conscious transformation, healing COVID-19 trauma, and the role ketamine treatments play in healing trauma. Zappy also co-authored Ask the Kabala Oracle Cards and co-founded The Ketamine Fund which gives free treatments to those battling suicide.



In his most recent documentary, Lamar Odom Reborn is a conscious film exploring breakthroughs in plant medicine when overcoming addiction. Through Ketamine and Ibogaine, Zappy aims to enlighten viewers regarding the opportunities of working with these sacred and powerful tools. 


“I’m hoping that this movie can be what the Reality of Truth was for Ayahuasca and San Pedro… This movie can enlighten people on what the opportunity is with Ketamine right now and what the opportunity is with Ibogaine because these are breakthrough catalysts,” Zappy shares.


Throughout his healing experience, Zappy has sat with various plant medicines that inspired his life’s work in sharing what he has learned. Zappy focuses on his experience with ketamine and iboga therapy and the importance of having a medical supervisor during an iboga ceremony. 


Zappy describes the personalities of plant medicines, “Ayahuasca is known as the mother. San Pedro is known as the father. Iboga is known as the grandfather. So it’s kind of like this angry grandfather who is basically like “oh you want to see why you’re messed up? Go ahead!” It really takes us and zooms you into the rawness of our experience. It is intense work that humanity has been working with for hundreds of years to help many overcome obstacles, heal, and free themselves from heroin addictions.


Intentions to Transcend Trauma


“For me, personally, my intention… is just to really expand my consciousness. Rather than saying ‘ i want an answer to this question,’… You open yourself up to getting disappointed,” Zappy mentions as the conversation begins to explore trauma-healing and Lamar Odom’s experience with ketamine.


Growing up with a lot of trauma and baggage, Lamar Odom became accustomed to receiving validation and excitement throughout his career. The contrast of a high-energy workspace to a quiet apartment can open up a lot of wounds. Zappy was connected with Lamar Odom through a friend to sit with ketamine. 

“Yale University figured out that if you give someone a low dose it can break depression,” Zappy shares. “It can grow new neural pathways in your brain around trauma. It’s really a breakthrough catalyst.”


“I felt like I went to heaven and came back,” is the initial response Lamar Odom gave to Zappy after their session. This led to a guided ibogaine treatment to overcome addiction and anxiety.


Lamar’s journey with plant medicine brought him a fresh perspective toward his career, death, and fear. The medicine also inspired him to share with his family to heal together.


“I think Lamar is going to wind up being the poster child of mental health and the fact that it is ok to talk about it—even if you’re a high profile person,” Zappy adds.


Ketamine Rewires the Mind


A study at Yale University realized, “not only is this very safe, but if you give someone a low dosage of it over a period of time, it can have a couple of amazing effects… when it metabolizes it builds new neural pathways in the brain around trauma and depression,” Zappy adds in relation to patterns and repetitive thought loops surrounding limiting beliefs.


“The number one side effect of ketamine is that it breaks suicide ideation,” Zappy continues as he discusses the suicide epidemic society faces.


This is considered one of the main side effects of ketamine which is miraculous 


There is the default mode network in our brain that contains the lateral habenula, “It takes in all the stress you’ve ever had in your life. When it gets to be too much it gets to this tipping point and you’re brain goes into burst mode… What it does is it shuts off your dopamine production.”


“The first time you do the ketamine, your first treatment, it resets that brain state.”


While ketamine is not said to have a consciousness the same way Ayahuasca is known to, ketamine is a guide to being in the present moment, in total oneness. “One anecdotal thing about ketamine is a lot of people describe feeling this sensation that they are a speck of dust and they are also the universe,” Zappy describes.


Through a series of sessions, many breakthroughs are experienced through the use of ketamine treatments. However, as mentioned in this episode, the work begins in the real world.


“If you go your whole life and you never dive deep inside your mind, you may have actually missed the whole point of existing in the physical realm,” Zappy advises.


Plant medicines are a powerful tool in showing us what we need to see. When paired with consistent practices, the potential to heal is limitless. Continue the conversation by listening below. Kash and Zappy explore additional topics on PTSD, COVID-19 anxiety, microdosing, and the connection between psychedelics and religion.



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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.

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