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#12: Matthew Ayriss: Masculine Sacred Sexuality & Emotional Mastery

Host Kash Khan interviews Matthew Ayriss, a Sacred Sexuality Guide, Shamanic-Somatic Healer, Transformational Life Coach, & Conscious Content Producer.

In this podcast, Matthew talks about supporting men in understanding their masculinity and unlocking energy channels, the impact enmeshment has on individuals and the deep issues standing in the way of evolving will come forward, and how individuals have the choice to hold themselves accountable and why they may not be doing that.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“I believe that sexual energy is God conscious creativity energy, but it’s so distorted. We come from the alchemy of sexual energy. We are born from nothing, essentially, from a microscopic tadpole and an egg, and then these vessels grow and emerge and develop consciousness and self awareness and emotions and experiences, but we come from that energy. So when we learn to work with that energy, we are learning to tap into universal consciousness; we’re tapping into creative life force energy, we’re tapping into the energy that exists to create and manifest anything, but if we’re going to create and manifest anything and we’re doing it through our distorted lens of that energy, and distorted beliefs of that energy, then what we create is going to carry that distortion. As you do the work on yourself, as you come into your purpose, as you come into your self actualization and self realization and self mastery, your frequency is going to shift and that will be felt in everything that you carry out.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

4:43: Matthew talks about his upbringing and constant battle with self image, and how dealing with bullies led him to be distrustful of men therefore finding safety in relationships. He says that he grew up feeling disconnected to himself and by carrying that into adulthood made decisions he needed to rectify later in life.

13:42: Matthew believes that plant medicine isn’t for everyone, and describes that the same level of awakening can be achieved with meditation. 

19:00: After listening to Kash’s childhood story, Matthew points out two timelines he sees existing within Kash and explains how that relates to his mascuine and feminine energy. He also discusses how young boys and men are taught that the benchmark of manhood is if you fight or fuck somebody.

26:48: Matthew asks what Kash means when he says he needs support, and he opens up about his relationship and how his need for things to be perfect leads him to avoid the problem or not addressing the issue. Kash says plant medicine allowed him to see the source of his trauma and how that impacts his relationship with his partner. 

30:10: Matthew explains what enmeshment is and that when that happens, children take on a different dynamic that is carried into adulthood and future relationships. He uses Kash’s relationship with his mother as an example and focuses on the son to mother dynamic.

34:16: Matthew continues to build on how a person’s foundational energy can lead to wavering energy in relationships and how we can seek out relationships that set us up for disappointment. As individuals expand in consciousness and they evolve as an eternal being, anything standing in the way of that will come forward.

41:55: Kash asks Matthew how to implement our ability to change. Matthew says each person has the opportunity to choose to change and he discusses how individuals can stay accountable, some techniques  involving daily routines and affirmations. 

53:11: Matthew begins to talk about mirror work and Kash stops him because he is having a silly reaction to the self love that mirror work involves, and asks Matthew to overcome the feeling of shame and nervousness. 

1:01:10: Kash asks Matthew to talk about the one-on-one coaching he’s done with other men and helping them come into deeper alignment with themselves and the universe. 

1:10:00: Kash asks Matthew to explain his other work, and Matthew discusses his role as a healer and intuitive, and the different programs and coaching opportunities he has open.

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