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#14: Marc Angelo Coppola: Personal Health & Sustainable Living

Host Kash Khan interviews Marc Angelo Copolla, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, founder of Valhalla Coop Farms, and Superhero Academy, which was born from the questions he kept getting at the farm where people were asking how they could build a movement and self sustaining lifestyle as well.

In this podcast, Marc talks about his educational experience and how that led him to create Valhalla Farms, ecovillages, the importance of mentorships, and the priority that should be given to building a strong foundation of self love.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“Sustainability is not just a thing you buy. It’s not just a product, it’s not, “Oh, I use reusable bags and I compost. Now I’m sustainable.” It’s a mindset and a lifestyle, and to me that mindset is most embodied through the idea of long term thinking.” 

“The most empowering education that we can create is finding the right mentors who have walked the path before us, and following in their footsteps, and taking what they taught us and adding the layers upon it and innovating and using the new technologies to essentially enhance that further.”

“I think your own personal health and the way you treat yourself is a reflection of how you’re going to treat others.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

7:48: Kash asks Marc to talk about Valhalla Farms; Marc says he considers it an experiment where they are building an ecosystem that replicates the forest and he is trying to create small communities that break the consumerist mindset through self-empowerment. 

17:22: Kash asks Marc to explain how others could replicate Valhalla Farms in the future for different ecovillage communities. 

30:08: Kashs asks Marc if Superhero Academy is meant to empower others to become their own leaders and its connection to Valhalla. Marc says the Academy was built around the lessons he learned while building Valhalla and how that helped him define his characteristics. 

40:14: Kash talks about his journey of self discovery and the importance of investing in yourself and Marc agrees wholeheartedly explaining what that means to him, and also the balance between nature and business and how nature influences his business decision making for the better. 

46:08: Kash and Marc discuss their relationship with psychedelics, documentaries and how that medium can be used to inspire others.

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