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#3: Maiccu Kostiainen: Animal whispering + plant medicine

Host Kash Khan interviews Maiccu Kostiainen, a worldwide known animal communicator and medium, teacher, lecturer and author. She is from Finland and the author of the best spiritual book of the year 2012 in Finland, Hiljaisen viisauden voima (in English the Power of Silent Wisdom).

In this podcast, Maiccu Kostiainen talks about her life before becoming an animal communicator and how she discovered her gift, gives advice to individuals who are grieving the death of an animal, and how plant medicine helped open her path as a professional and an individual. 

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“There’s no point for trying to convince someone that is already convinced with their own opinion.”

“I’ve been doing this work for many years, and plant medicine showed me that it is true.”

“The big message is, ‘I am still with you.’ The hardest part for us as humans is that we can’t touch them.”

2:52: Maiccu talks about her first animal reading and explains in detail how the messages from the animals are received and communicated. 

8:02: Maiccu describes how she talks to people who don’t believe in what she does as an animal communicator, and that she tells them they are right.

13:45: Khan asks Maiccu to share her story about how they overcame the dark periods of their life, like panic attacks and anxiety, and how plant medicine pulled her out of that depression. 

16:06: Khan also shares his appreciation for plant medicine and Rythmia; both Khan and Maiccu agree that “bigger forces take over” after ingesting ayahuasca that lead to deep healing.

18:58: For people grieving the loss of an animal, Khan asks Maiccu to explain where the animal spirit goes and what comfort she can give to individuals with a broken heart. 

21:26: Maiccu recommends that individuals who would like to receive a sign from a pet that has died to ask for something that only the individual could know what it is and to pay attention for the sign, which can be communicated in a handful of ways. 

Resources  — Maiccu’s website  — Maiccu’s YouTube channel — Rythmia Life Advancement Center website 

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