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#15: Kash & Sam -‘Navigating Uncertain Times during Covid and the Meaning Crisis

Host Kash Khan sits with new co-host Samuel Austin of Live Learn Evolve.

In this episode we discuss:

1.37 – (Kash & Samuel) The meaning crisis ; what is reality and why are we here?

3.57  – (Samuel) Staying at home during covid with family and discussing what sort of issues arise out of this.

7.23 – (Kash) Using these tough times as a catalyst to learn and grow from.

10.00 –(Kash) How taking risks and having conviction led to the creation of Educate Inspire Change

14.30 (Kash) The relation between pain and growth. Why do we need to endure pain in order to grow?

16.53 (Samuel) By stepping up and leaping into your energetic boundaries you end being pushed forward by this energy and become the living embodiment of your message.

19.13 (Kash & Samuel) Take back your power, set boundaries and focus on what you can change within yourself in order to get in touch with your true spirit.

25.00 (Kash) Declutter your mind and find time to be alone with your thoughts so that you can tap into your creativity.

29.59 (Kash) ‘‘If you need violence to enforce your ideas your ideas are worthless’’

33.40 (Kash) Kash and Sam discuss Terrence McKenna’s ideas about globalisation and how humanity will eventually defragment itself as its not out natural instinct to want to be governed by a global government.

38.40 Kash gets vulnerable and talks about childhood trauma and how many men suffer trauma as children and as a result of never healing or releasing this trauma they never truly grow up to become men and act responsibly.

40.02 (Kash) Focus of the conversation changes to talking about solutions and how lack of education is at the core of the worlds problems today.

46.02 (Samuel) It’s up to us to re-parent ourselves and relearn much of what we have been taught by society.

56.30 (Samuel) Use this time to be open to reflect on what is and isn’t serving you and find ways to harness your talents and skillsets and turn them into a potential business or source of income for yourself.

57.30 (Kash & Sam) Respond to some comments made during the podcast which was broadcasted Live on Facebook

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