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Josh Trent: When Masculine & Feminine Energy Are In Harmony A New World Will Be Born

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In this episode, Kash Khan interviews Josh Trent, founder, and host of Wellness Force Media. For 17 years, Josh has continued to uncover the potential hidden within physical and emotional intelligence as humanity propels in evolution. The topics covered in this conversation span from their life stories, shifting consciousness, to living harmoniously with the masculine and feminine energy. The time has come for a new world to be born, and it is through growth, conversation, and understanding where we allow the path to unfold closer to love. For those who are pursuing their dream or are walking down a road of healing, this episode delves deep into how our personal work is reflected in the collective.



Personal Experiences, Early Life, & New Roads

Kash begins this conversation with the reality checks that led him to re-evaluate his life, “I was very much lost. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know if I was coming or going.” 

After a reflection of seeing himself in his first-born son, Kash opened up his laptop and wrote three words, “Educate. Inspire. Change.” These were the words that not only propelled him to a flourishing relationship, plant-medicine journey, and reconnect him to his soul, but it is also a reminder to what he stands for.

The relationships we cultivate are powerful barometers of how we reflect and understand ourselves internally. 

John responds with the reminder of how we are born as ultimate love and how life can sometimes add additional roles that ultimately bring us back to our truth.

“There’s the soul split where something happens—later on, we realize it was for us—but in the moment, with our young psyche, it feels like it’s happening to us.”

This is a significant component in realizing the medicine within every situation. How can we find the good, the lesson, in an experience?

“One of my biggest aims with Educate Inspire Change is to inspire people to think for themselves,” Kash mentions as the reminder that we are enough and that the answers are already inside. 

As we navigate our accepted or limiting realities, we are often guided to new pathways that show us the possibilities of a new life. Whether or not we listen to the nudges is up to us. It’s all about perception. 


Answering the Whispers of a Dream

“I believe a lot of our destiny and fate is written out, but it comes to a few defining moments in your life,” Josh reminds. “What choice are you going to make when you have nothing left to go for? What are you going to do in those moments?”

Josh talks about the law of attraction in the sense that it is easy to visualize when things are flowing well. However, it is in the low points where visualization is just as important and just as influential.

At this moment, Josh starts to share his dream of birthing Wellness Force Media and the moments of limbo that preceded it. This is something a lot of listeners can relate to as we often hear the little voice inside our head tell us to go after our passions. “The big moment for me… Creating Wellness Force came from the pain of my own pain and my own discovery. I knew there was more to life than this… the same monotonous order-taking,” Josh shares.

As the conversation continues, Kash asks Josh to share his experience with Ayahuasca at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, where they met. Josh’s experience is one of profound deep healing that engulfed him in a loving transformation through anger and femininity. 

Kash delves into the idea of empathy and understanding that Ayahuasca sends through us. For those who feel the medicine and are looking for any signs, Kash continues, “If you feel called to the medicine, just do it.” There is a reason why many are being led down the plant medicine journey and Kash continues to explore misconceptions around ceremony. 

Sitting with sacred plant medicine is work, indeed. 

“You feel called to it in some way, and then the real work in the ceremony begins in the 3-D when we come back. It’s the whole point of it all,” Josh says. It’s all about bringing it back to our communities, integrating lessons learned, and paying it forward.

Harmony Between the Wolves Within

“If we’re busy shaming ourselves, nothing good can from that. Shame is the ultimate darkness.” Josh Trent

Kash and Josh touch on the importance of being gentle with ourselves and having the understanding that we all have light and dark within. It’s not so much about what we do, but rather how we do it. Are we coming from a place of love and mindfulness or complete lack of awareness?


Birth of a New World

As we shift into higher states of awareness, our interactions with transactions and simple services to in-depth connections will center from love. 

We’re increasingly stepping away from sole masculine operation and into a harmonic feminine/masculine relationship. This is true in the new structures of businesses to the ways we interact with one another as friends and lovers. 

“We’re not all the same from a gender perspective, but we are all the same from an energy and human perspective and that’s the truth and that’s what we’re working towards,” Josh adds. While we’re most definitely not the same, when we can see the light in one another, we are once again brought back to the reflection of our own inner divinity. This is how we bring forth a reality based in harmony.

To discover more from this episodes conversation, watch the full interview below: 

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