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#6: Jonathan Maccaul: Systema breathing + tools to heal yourself

Host Kash Khan interviews JJonathan Maccaul, a wellness professional in Costa Rica who focuses on yoga, breath work, and martial arts. Jonathan has been a yoga instructor for over eight years, and has been involved in martial arts his whole life. Jonathan works with people to become connected with their breath and body, which allows them to expand on every level.

In this podcast, Jonathan talks about Systema as the foundation to heal and harmonize ourselves, the importance of massage and breath when working with energy lines, and how plant medicine is the first step that allows individuals to awaken into their higher selves.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“The Systema breathing principals is what really allows people to develop witness consciousness, to really start to tune in and become the non judgemental witness, the non judgemental observer.”

“Give me the tools to allow me to never be held back from enjoying my human experience because of fear.”

“Really empowering people to look within themselves; we really don’t need anything outside of ourselves. Everything requires within and taking the time to come to stillness and be present with the breath, which is our greatest anchor, to really start to become aware of those limiting beliefs and thought patterns so we can start letting them go and become lighter and lighter and come into wholeness.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

3:34: Jonathan talks about his early relationship with martial arts and how he turned to self care and became exposed to yoga and meditation. And the discovery of Systema which became the bridge between martial arts and yoga.

6:17: Body Cultivation has allowed Jonathan to inspire others to take full responsibility for their lives through energy work. Get people how to learn and tune into subtle energies, how to supply from heavens above and ground below, cultivating out prana and life force.

13:00: Kash asks Jonathan how men are able to utilize masculine energies without having to hurt people and store tension, and how to honor feminine energy. Jonathan talks about Systema is “hit to heal not hurt,” and how it is the only martial art he has encountered that is a holistic martial art that provides expansion and growth. 

19:08: Kash asks how plant medicine and psychedelics have shaped Jonathan’s personal growth and he shares that he credits a big part of his expansion to plant medicines. And that plant medicine has helped guide him on his path to recognize his gift to help others by using medicines to “wake up” and step into our higher selves. 

31:08: For people who want to make positive changes in their life right now, Kash asks Jonathan to give them advice on how they can make that shift. Jonathan said the first step is to recognize tension, physical or emotional, and how important conscious breath is to move through it. 

37:21: Kash talks about the importance of people finding their passion and purpose, and Jonathan shares that traveling and taking ourselves out of our comfort zones is “when the magic happens” and where people can thrive.  

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