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#10: James Schmachtenberger: Transform your life: Psychedelics, Psychology & Nootropics

Host Kash Khan interviews James Schmachtenberger, an entrepreneur, educator, social activist, and the co-founder of Neurohacker Collective; and also Josh Trent, founder of Wellness Force Media.

In this podcast, James talks about his company Neurohacker Collective and their Qualia supplements, how they can rewire neural pathways in the brain to help individuals become more present and empathetic, and how some empaths don’t give themselves enough space to be present and connect to others needs.

The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway:

“We live in a world we’re physiologically not designed for.”

“When you’re busy and everything is constantly pressing on you to do the next thing, it’s really hard to have the spaciousness to go into a state of flow or to have that next creative project or idea.”

“An important part of how we move forward as a society and as a world is we start to, we take this time of massive change as an opportunity to reflect on what actually matters and start making different choices as we go forward.”

“Nothings going to heal us but ourselves and our willingness to heal.”

“Develop that increased capacity so you can find the safety in yourself to be able to show up empathetically, vulnerably, and in all the ways that you want to regardless of whether or not everyone can meet you there effectively.”

Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) – Highlighting key topics discussed 

2:47: James Schamchtenberger talks about his healing journey and the path that led him to co-found Neurohacker Collective with his brother, which creates supplements that aim to increase intelligence, capacity, and empathy within individuals.

10:02: Josh Trent asks James how a supplement is able to make someone more emotionally connected, and James discusses the deep impact humans endure at a chemical level and how supplements can stimulate the areas of the brain and nervous system responsible for empathy and compassion.

16:15: Josh asks James to explain the science behind Qualia products and how they bring nutrients into the human body and the ability to stay in homeostasis, meaning all systems are in balance.

23:12: Josh shares that he has been taking Qualia for the last three years, and Kash asks him to touch on three positive impacts the supplement has had on his well being.

31:28: Josh asks James where he believes creative flow comes from and how Qualia can help individuals create enough capacity within themselves to allow an increased sense of creativity.

38:27: Kash asks James about his history using plant medicine, and James shares that it has been a significant part of his journey and his talks about his experiences with ayahuasca.

49:00 Josh asks James if Qualia is able to rewire the neural pathways in the brain, and James says it has been studied to create new blood flow to the brain and new neuron development.

55:03: James explains how people who identify as empathetic may be mislabeling themselves, and how increasing self awareness can increase empathy by helping the individual recognize if they are being present to what another person needs vs. projecting their past trauma.

1:02:33: For individuals not to project on others, they need to create space to love themselves and James talks about how we can ask ourselves the deeper questions with support from Qualia, plant medicine, etc. and how to continue to ask those questions while staying present and taking our trauma out of our interactions.

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