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The Amazing Way This Teacher Talks To His Students Is Making A Huge Difference To Their Lives



“You’re very funny. You’re very smart. You do a great job every day. You make everyone laugh because you’re so silly.”

Imagine how you would feel if someone spoke to you like this every morning?

Well, this one teacher has shown that compliments really do go a long way.

Chris Ulmer runs a special education class in Jacksonville, Florida and upon realizing how often people with special needs are overlooked he decided to make some big changes.

Ulmer wrote in an open letter on his Facebook page “Special Books by Special Kids.

 “These children deserve to be heard, loved and appreciated,” said the teacher. “The world needs to understand that in many ways, the children have it right. We need to learn from them.”

Chris has been working with the children putting together blog posts and videos, all at a personal expense of around $600 a month. Recently, one of Ulmer’s videos went viral, which is what prompted him to write the open letter.

Ulmer couldn’t be happier that his students are reaching such a large audience: “Please, for the sake of my students and individuals with special needs everywhere…make this spread around the world. Follow our journey. Take a few minutes each day to understand my students and friends. We are all different but we are all in this together.”

Here is the original video that went viral:

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