Why You Should Start Replacing Your “I’m Sorry’s” With “Thank You’s”

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I read an article recently about an intriguing idea- to replace apologies with thanks. It doesn’t sound very intuitive, but many people say it has allowed them to discover the power of gratitude. Whenever you inconvenience someone the instintive reaction is to apologize. However, doing this often leads to decreased self-confidence and positivism. If we can turn those constant apologies into gratitude, things change and turn positive. For instance, instead of saying, “Sorry I’m always late!” we could say, “Thanks for patiently waiting for me!” I recognize that in some instances an apology is necessary, but the simple day-to-day stuff probably doesn’t call for it. I’m sure as you experiment with this you can find more ways to turn self-depreciating apologies into empowering compliments. Let me know how it goes!

Check out these comic style images from New York based artist Yao Xiao that brilliantly show exactly how you might  implement this change in your day to day life.

Yao Xiao was born in China but now lives in New York. Many of her comics are autobiographical, and she describes herself as an “enthusiast for queer fashion, vintage cabaret, collecting odd objects, and absurd science fiction with a flair of whimsy.” The rest of Xiao’s work is quite different from the comics below, so be sure to check out her website!

More info: yaoxiaoart.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr


Substituting “Thank You” for “I’m sorry” can feel really weird at first. It may take some getting used to but in the end it’s a pretty easy switch that has a huge positive impact.

Thank you takes away feeling lower, less than and wrong and replaces it with appreciation, gratitude and joy.

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