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Watching These Dancers Bust Some Moves On The NY Subway Just Made My Day



In New York City, lots of groups of teenagers perform on the subway for money and pretty much all of them are super talented and definitely deserve all the exposure they can get. I know If I was on the train and one of these groups came on and started performing it would 100% make my train journey so much more memorably and I for one would definitely be tipping them and wishing them well.

After being inspired by this video I searched the internet to find out more about these kids and came across an interesting short documentary.

This short film, directed by James Burns and produced by Hayden 5, explores what drives these young entertainers from the projects to perform for unenthusiastic train audiences. For most of them, it’s about survival. “I’m begging, without words,” says one of them, who is homeless. “I’m begging with a smile, not with a frown—because this is panhandling.”

More work by Hayden 5 can be found on their website.

Also In our featured video I managed to find one of the kids names and apparently he is an America’s Got Talent finalist, his name is kidthewiz and you can find him on Instagram here.


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If you ever ride the subway in New York and come across these urban superstars please give them the recognition they deserve. Don’t hold back on tipping and if you can’t tip just support and show them some love.

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