This video really demonstrates the power of music.  In the video you are introduced to Henry who in his prime loves music, singing and dancing. It’s so sad to see him in a care home with little to no emotion in his face … but when you see him to react to music the reaction is unbelievable. I highly recommend you watch this video to the end. It really touched my heart and I hope it touches yours too.

The late Dick Clark once said that music is the soundtrack of your life. At any given moment, hearing a familiar or favorite song can take you back to a particular time and place in your life. It could be the song that played the first time you danced with your spouse, or the classical piece your child rehearsed on the piano over and over. In just seconds, hearing a piece of music can evoke the most powerful of memories.

For years, therapists have understood the power of music. At nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, it’s not uncommon for specially-trained music therapists to ask a patient what songs they like and play them. The concept isn’t just about making a patient smile. Research shows that music is powerful medicine, with the ability to elevate mood, decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality and reduce pain. In short, it seems music can help heal some of what ails you.

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