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Watch: Monk Climbs Steep Hill Barefoot, Leaves Hiker Absolutely Speechless



San Francisco is known for its steep hills and roads. One could imagine the intense levels hikers endure when trekking such heights on foot. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or not, outdoor equipment is typically encouraged when venturing out into the arms of nature for protective purposes. During a recent trip, a monk was recorded climbing what seemed to be a challenging hill with ease and grace. Let’s also not forget to mention the only equipment he needed were the soles of his feet.



With over 7 million views, there is a lot of inspiration that can be unpacked here. In the video, the recorder proceeds to show the contrast from an equipment-free walk to an extensively prepared hike. While the man behind the camera uses a rope to help guide him up the hill, we are reminded of the simplistic strength we all have the potential to carry within our mind, body, and spirit. 


While it is good practice to carry tools and essentials when venturing out into long trips, perhaps the monk’s presence serves as a reflection in the ways we might overcomplicate things. Perhaps it is also a salute to the sculpting and training one undergoes when devoting themselves to the inner-path. 

It also sheds light on our ancestral past as homo sapiens. We didn’t always wear shoes to the extent of our modern-day. Again, it is good practice to utilize hiking gear, however, it is also important to remember and connect to our roots. This doesn’t mean we need to hike barefoot, but maybe we can look for opportunities to walk on the grass without shoes and connect with the healing properties of the earth. 



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