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Vending Machines On Campus Of UK University To Dispense Free Short Stories On Eco-Friendly Paper



In a first of its kind, this university in the UK has decided to set up vending machines to give out free short stories that students can read on the campus. It is a great way for students to spend their leisure time. This is the first UK University to dispense free short stories and also serve as an opportunity for new authors to upload their writings.

The vending machine prints out small works of literature on the University of Lincoln campus. The readers can choose the length of random writings by selecting the appropriate button.

free short stories

The students have a host of choices. They can read anything from contemporary fiction to crime. They can also choose from a host of classic authors like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, and Virginia Woolf.

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The machine also dispenses some unusual choices of free short stories. This includes an exclusive tale by Anthony Horowitz, the British author. “Mrs. Robinson” is a thriller that can be read within a minute.

The selections of all stories are random from a large database of titles of over 100,000. They are printed on receipt sized scrolls of paper that are eco-friendly using the method of heat-transfer rather than ink.

free short stories

The machines will offer more chances to access the free short stories at unusual spots around the campus. At the same time, this will encourage budding authors to submit their works and turn them into published authors. The Dean of Student Learning Development, Ian Snowley, who is also the University Librarian highly optimistic about the success of these vending machines.

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The machines have been sourced from France and were made by Short Édition, a French publishing company. This machine was initially installed at Canary Wharf in London after a successful stint in Hong Kong and France. Later this year the general public and students will get an opportunity to give in their own works for possible submission in Short-Édition’s imposing repertoire of more than 9,000 authors.

free short stories

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Mary Stuart is thrilled that Lincoln is the first among all UK Universities to dispense free short stories on campus. They are happy to make use of this novel technology to promote reading among students in the university and also the others in the community. These stories would also endorse the efforts of aspiring authors among us.

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