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Touching Visual Timeline Documents the Many Faces of Australia’s Bushfire Season




Australia’s bushfire season destroyed forests, took millions of lives and continues to leave future impact on the surrounding environment. With a heavy rainfall to hit the lands down under, there is concern for affected lands that may not take well to an otherwise blessing. From blazing flames to falling ash, this touching visual timeline documents the many faces of Australia’s bushfire season.


Firefighters readily respond to the call of disaster.


Photo by Gary Ramage

Thousands prepare to evacuate as a humanitarian crisis was called in the NSW south coast. Lines of cars await to load up on fuel.

Australia Evacuation

Photo by Gary Ramage

Koala rests on the remains of a burnt forest on Kangaroo Island


Photo by Brad Fleet

Firefighter at service on a mission to protect a burning home.

Raging Fire

Photo by Gary Ramage

Firefighters sitting in front of the Sunnataram Buddhist retreat in Penrose once threatened by the ravaging bushfires.

Firefighters Buddhist Temple

Photo by Richard Dobson

Guzzle, the male koala, is slowly nurtured back to well-being through a syringe at the Mallacoota Wildlife Centre. The burns are intense, but his fight for life is an inspiration that can be seen through his eyes.

Koala Care

Photo by David Caird

Children at play—two young girls find joy through repurposing fallen ash.


Photo by David Caird

Creating space for routine amidst the chaos, two young girls walk their dog past a burning cable outside Mallacoota, Victoria.

Walking Dogs

Photo by David Caird

Farmer after putting down cattle due to severe injury and burns due to fire.



Father with his twin seven year-old sons with smiles on their faces as they rebuild on their farm after fire destroyed their land.


Photo by Jason Edwards

This man comforts a local business owner. The power of human connection and support defeats any fire.


Photo by Gary Ramage


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