This Woman Has Been Sailing Around the World Solo for 10 Years

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Talk about fearless! This woman’s story is insanely inspiring and proves that when you face your fears, opportunities arise.

34 year old, Liz Clark has been sailing around the world solo, since leaving her job as a bartender in 2006. She set sail from Santa Barbara, California, and has sailed more than 25,000 nautical miles around the globe.

After graduating University where Liz studied environmental studies, she happened to cross paths with an 80 year old retired professor, Dr. Arent H. Schuyler, who was looking for someone to sail his boat around the world. For obvious reasons, she jumped at the chance.

“At university I learned about all the damage we were doing to the Earth and the unsustainable lifestyles we were leading. I looked around me and it seemed like no one was doing anything about it, and I decided that I really didn’t want to be a part of it any more.”-Liz

Liz spent three years preparing for her voyage and learning how to operate the sail-boat. She was petrified to leave the safety and security of the dock, her friends and family, and was unsure of her capabilities of captaining a boat so far off grid. All she knew was that she had to try because as a little girl, it was her dream to sail around the world.

“I knew this trip would be everything I loved in one-a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle close to nature, searching for remote uncrowded waves, learning from other cultures, challenging myself physically and mentally, and going on an open-ended adventure.”-Liz

When she set sail, she had no idea how she would make money as she doesn’t come from a wealthy family, despite what people assume. Since her journey, she has written blogs and developed a close relationship with Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company, who have been her main financial supporter since the start of her adventure.

Solo sailor Liz Clark calls her boat, Swell, the chariot of her dreams. When she isn’t performing all the hard work that comes with managing a big boat, she spends her time surfing, doing yoga, meeting new people, discovering the beauty of the places she visits, and immersing herself in other cultures.

Though her boat is equipped with everything she needs to live a blissful and remote life, Liz admits that sometimes life on the water gets lonely. However, this daring woman wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, she’s recently made friends with this little guy who keeps her company.

Liz believes that confronting her fears has taught her the invaluable lesson of how to love and appreciate herself.

“Be who you are. That is what makes you beautiful. Do what you love because that’s what you’re here to do. Try it because that’s what life is about.” 

“When you live from the heart, I think there is always a way.”-Captain Liz Clark


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