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This popular 5-minute viral video teaches something that our generation often forgets.




“Life is either daring adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller

The above quote is one of many used to describe the sentiment behind this video entitled “Make It Count.” The popular 5-minute viral video traces two young men traveling around the world in 10 days, and captures the essence of stopping to smell the roses, something that our generation often forgets.

Casey Neistat and Max Joseph were asked by Nike to promote one of their products but in an unexpected twist the pair decided to use the money given to them to travel the world throwing caution to the wind and blowing their entire budget in a matter of days. The result went super viral and captured the imagination of a generation and is a nice reminder to really #MakeItCount

It is easier said than done, but perhaps a few of us should really listen to what this video is about, and take the message to heart. We are only young once, and after that, this time will just be memories.

I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough – Albert Einstein


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