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This Modern Day Cinderella Celebrates Her Condition And Inspires The World With Her Glass Arm



glass arm Cinderella

Fairy tales are a part of our desire for a beautiful life and to rise above our insecurities. They prove to us that dragons can be beaten, within or without. A physical disadvantage will never be an impediment when you allow your mind to dwell more on your strengths. Mandy Pursley has proved that even losing an arm did not come in the way of her desire for a happy life. She found inspiration in the tale of Cinderella and gave it an interesting twist. Instead of a pair of glass slippers, she wore a glass arm for her photoshoot.

Mandy Pursley found a way to circumvent her handicap and instead turn it into a cause for celebration. As she grew up with her disability, Mandy was always a bit lonely as she was different from all others around her.

glass arm Cinderella

Those were the days before social media allowed you to find someone to relate to your own situations. The realization that she was different made life harder for her as she grew up.

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glass arm Cinderella

But then she decided to commemorate her difference instead of considering it as an impediment. She had this beautiful costume made; similar to the one Cinderella wore to the ball. She even got a glass arm made specially to complete the script.

glass arm Cinderella

Mandy used it as a character in her story which gave a slant to the original one. She got this beautiful opportunity to play the role model. Her daughter had recently fallen for the fairy tale and Mandy saw it as a golden opportunity to enact a role model, the one she didn’t have as a child. It would prove invaluable for any child growing up with a disability.

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glass arm Cinderella

glass arm Cinderella

Husband Ryan readily agreed to be the Prince Charming for this beautiful and heartwarming photoshoot. After seeing the picture one starts to again believe in fairytales.

glass arm Cinderella

Her endearing pictures went viral. She credits the design and makes of the costume to Lozano Gilbert, her “fairy godfather” who gave life to the beautiful idea.

Netizens have loved it and find it heartwarming and inspiring.

She maintains that what makes us different can at the same time be that which makes us strong and unique. we need not be apologetic about it. Mandy and her glass arm will be a source of inspiration for those who are unhappy about their condition. She has proved that dreams come true not only in fairy tales but also in real life.

Credit: Mandy Pursley

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