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This Is the ONE Protest That Occurs Every Day, in Every City. What Does Showing Up Look Like to You?



Protests continue to unfold in the wake of George Floyd’s murder on May 25, 2020. The push for justice grows stronger as people gather in unison despite the ongoing health threats of a global pandemic. Masks can’t silence us. Nothing can divide us.

After supporting and participating in a local city’s protest, I had a lot to reflect on. The fact of the matter is none of what is happening is new. Racism, police brutality, and inequality have woven through American fabric for decades. Floyd’s murder is an amplification to the injustices committed to generations of our people. When desperate times call for desperate measures it’s important we ask ourselves what we can do in a consistent way to make a change. Each decision we make is an opportunity to vote for—or against—the future we desire. 


To Be A True Rebel

To be a rebel does not mean to smash tires or to wear chained armor. In a world that pushes for conformity, the true rebel means honors their heart’s deepest desires. It’s always rooted in love. The true rebel goes against the grain and moves to their own authentic drum while singing their song. While gathering amongst freedom fighters and marching for justice is an act of loving solidarity, let’s not forget, we are poised with the opportunity to do this on the daily.


Rebels are needed now more than ever to rewrite the story, to honor our ancestors, and to leave a lasting mark for future inhabitors.


Daily Protests for Massive Change

It’s gotten to the point where so many of us are exhausted from seeing the same tragedies repeat themselves. Our efforts matter, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Whether you are active in the current protests, or not, there is always more we could be doing. This isn’t to say we must stretch ourselves thin either.


To protest daily means to rethink your beliefs, biases, habits, and thought patterns. It’s true. We can’t expect to change the world without changing ourselves first. In this example, we might ask ourselves how can we support our black brothers and sisters in a better way? How can we show up more fully? It looks different for everyone. For some, it might mean attending protests. For others, it might mean holding space. 

There is so much to learn from this moment in history. Black lives matter and it is up to us to educate ourselves and inspire others to take action in a way that feels authentic to them. As we continue to grow from these experiences, remember to ask yourself how you can protest against your own comfort zone. Maybe this means taking up a daily yoga practice. Maybe it looks like forgiving yourself for a decision you often look back at with stress. The more we change our self-perspective and shift from a place of love, the more we can create this in the external world. Your dollar is your vote. Your actions are your protest. Your love is your gift.


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