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This Incredible App Allows You To Help Blind People By ‘Seeing For Them’



I for one cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to be visually impaired.

In today’s world, there is an app for almost anything, but how many actually contribute anything good?

Be My Eyes is an app I could get behind. It allows complete strangers to help those with visual impairments in a rather interesting way.

Imagine being someone else’s eyes.

Since 2015, the app has helped over 130,000 users, having 2 million signups by volunteers.

The app is pretty simple and this is what makes it great. Visually impaired users simply make a video call from wherever they are and it allows a volunteer to assist them in finding dropped items, picking out products on a shelf or reading a label.

Users are calling the app life-changing and one can understand why.

One user wrote:

I’ve had this app for many months and just got my first call today. I helped a lady identify dollar denominations. It feels good to be able to assist people. It’s too bad I don’t get the opportunity to assist more often, but looking at the number of volunteers compared to the number of blind users it makes sense.

Another person said:

I saw this app while browsing the Google play store a few days ago and thought the concept was quite interesting. I set up a profile as a sighed volunteer, which took under two minutes to do, and didn’t really think much more of it not expecting much really.

But tonight I got a call from a lovely man looking for help to search through a stack of CDs to find the one he wanted to listen to. This app is an amazingly simple and easy way to make everyday living easier for visually impaired people.

A visually impaired user wrote:

I am a first-time user today and I am truly impressed. I needed help seeing my TV screen to change an input setting and I worked with a lady named Tiffany who lives in Alaska. She was very patient, very kind, very helpful and quickly got me on track.

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