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In Just 1 Minute This Child Teaches Us All How To Be Positive and Happy



How To Stay Positive

Remember when you were younger and you would gather your family and friends around you to watch you do something – perhaps sing? Dance? Or do a back flip? Whatever it was, you would believe in yourself 110% and you’d demand that everyone would watch – even if it wasn’t even that amazing – they would all be smiling, clapping and some would even shed a tear. The passion, confidence and belief a child has is so precious and often sadly lost once we reach adulthood.

Remember the first time you tried to ride a bike as a child? You can’t learn without falling off a few times – but each time you fall, you brush the dirt off your knees and get back on. It’s the same when teaching a baby to walk or child to swim, children have a strong drive to succeed and to make both themselves and their parents proud.

A child knows no boundaries to creativity or imagination, they are not afraid to be judged by others nor do they know the meaning of the word ‘can’t’. Believe in yourself like your five year old self believed in you, look to your inner child for inspiration, dream big and you will achieve more! practice your positive thinking affirmation.

This video and the text was found at the amazing Facebook page of ‘The Law Of Attraction’. Check them out.

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