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This 9-year-Old “Sells” His Custom Pet Paintings For Food and Supplies For Animal Shelters




Pavel Abramov from the city of Arzamas in Russia, is a nine year-old young man on a mission to help stray and abandoned animals. When his family lost their dog, Barsik, Pavel was determined to help relieve the suffering of animals and joined the local animal shelter as a volunteer.

Pavel and his mom Ekaterina Bolshakova started the ‘Kind Paintbrush’ project. Since Pavel is also an artist and loved painting animals, he wanted to help the animal shelter by selling custom pet portraits in exchange for food and other necessary supplies for the shelter.


Mother and son also started a group called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” on VK, a Russian social media site. The group shows how a child can make a big difference. They are not funded by any organizations and have no employees, just the two of them and their supporters.


Pavel’s contract with a pet owner is to paint a portrait of their pet in exchange for food, medicines, toys and other essentials needed at the animal shelter. Once he has finished a portrait, he meets the subjects of his paintings and likes to hear the story of each one’s rescue and their life with their forever families.

The response to Pavel’s project from pet owners and animal lovers has been great and not only in Russia but all over the world. He has done even done pet portraits for people in Germany and Spain.

Pavel is the youngest volunteer at the only animal shelter in Arzamas, which takes care of more than 100 animals at any given time and is always in need of pet supplies. As per Pavel’s contract with his clients, the payment for the portraits come in the form of whatever supplies are needed by the shelter at the time.

Mom Ekaterina admits the whole family takes pride in Pavel’s “Kind Paintbrush” project. His plans for the future include becoming an architect and building an animal shelter. With the passion and dedication he has for his volunteer project he will undoubtedly realise his dreams.

See more of Pavel’s works here: | Instagram

Image Credits-  Что может маленький волонтёр?



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