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This 4 Minute Video Is Your Calling. Unlearn Everything and Just Listen



The End of Control

Did you listen? I did.

And that is why I have decided to write what I am writing just now completely unscripted. I’m just typing what comes to me as thoughts pop into my head. I suppose I am getting intouch with my apple tree. This is my heart talking . . . and I want to reach out to you in the same way Kyle Cease is reaching out. I want to inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world. I created Educate Inspire Change over 3 years ago and the journey it has sent me on is a truly incredible one.  I made the page with no clear intention of setting up a business or a way to make money. I created it because I wanted to make a difference. My intentions were pure and it came naturally to me, I believe that is why it has been successful thus far. I also saw my son at the time for the first time in some years and I wanted to become something he could look back at in his older years and know what his Dad was all about. I have told very few people that, but this video from Kyle has inspired me to be free and share my thoughts freely just as an apple tree shares it’s apples. I suppose I could talk and type for hours about my life story and journey but what I’m more interested in at this moment is ‘what is your next step going to be?’ Are you ready to unlearn everything and make the moves you know deep down are right for you?

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Let’s spread this message of truth far and wide, because the world needs more awakened souls.

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