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The Most Relatable Memes and Tweets to Lighten Your (EXTRA) Quarantine Spirit



Corona Extra

We are entering full quarantine mode and memes are filling up our feeds. While social distancing is taking the front stage, relatable content keeps the collective together. The coronavirus epidemic is heavy and it is happening across the globe. However, despite the heaviness, there is a lightness to be found in relating to others and finding light in even the darkest of moments.


Whether you are out of business, working from home, or attending class from the comfort of your bed these relatable memes and tweets never fail to lighten our spirits.


Invite all your friends.


Stop touching the sink with your filthy hands!


Traffic has been light.




IG vs. Reality much?

IG vs. Reality


All this time.

all this time


Same and I don’t even like Twix.




Back in my day…

sending memes


Predictive Programming


Predictive Programming


*nervous smiles*

FBI agent


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