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A Thank You Message To All The 2 Million + Fans Of Educate Inspire Change



From when I created this page until this day I can honestly say that it has been an educational, enlightening, spiritually awakening and mind-blowing roller coaster of a journey. And I have each and every one of you to thank for it. Around the time of writing this article the Facebook page has just reached the monumental milestone of 2 million fans. So this article is me showing my never-ending gratitude to each of you. If any of you wish to connect with me personally you can find my Facebook and Instagram accounts at the bottom of this article. I would love to hear from you so I can thank you personally from the bottom of my heart.

The page was created on October 13th 2012 and the story of why I created the page is pinned to the top of the Facebook page (see below)

When I created the page I done so with no intention of making profit or gain, I simply wanted to make my life count, to leave a legacy and for my child to know what his father stood for. At the time of making the page I had just seen my only son at the time for the first time in 4 years and I knew that I wouldn’t see him very often due to a failed justice system for fathers in the U.K(which is a whole other story). So without doubt he was my overriding inspiration for the page, his name is Kaian and he is now 8 years old.

I remember coming across a video around the time of making Educate Inspire Change that I would often sit and watch , especially during difficult times, as it would remind me why I was working so hard to build a platform from which to spread hope and inspiration. I’m sure most of you have seen it but here it is for you all to enjoy and be inspired by:

If that video doesn’t inspire or move you nothing will. I remember my biggest motivations at the time of creating EIC and they were to keep the public informed of the truth and to raise awareness on important issues that needed a light shone on them. As I started to share content I felt was important from all over the world I found myself embarking on a journey of self exploration that was totally unexpected.

I found that by trying to educate and inform others I was in fact self educating. I was learning about topics that I had never even previously knew about. This is another reason why I am grateful to you all.

I firmly believe in the Law Of Attraction and like to think of myself as an example of what can be achieved if you combine hard work with self belief. There have been many obstacles and hardships put in place that could easily have stopped me in my tracks but one of the biggest life lessons I have learnt is that perseverance pays and that how you think and what you do when you are at your lowest points in life is what ultimately defines your future.

If your intention is pure and your drive knows no limits then you can and will achieve anything you put your mind to. That is something that all of you have collectively taught me. I’m sitting here writing this and I have a million and one ideas flying around my mind where I could talk about consciousness, ancient history, the universe, science, the power of thoughts, love and so much more but I think you will find enough content on all these topics and more at my website. You can just type in a keyword in the search box and there is a library of content for you to choose from.

As my audience grows my passion for the pursuit of truth and peace grows with it. I am more driven than ever and I feel that Educate Inspire Change is so much more than just a source of news, stories and videos. It is also a source of inspiration and motivation, it is a community where you can find open minds to connect with and share with. The world is like a giant brain and we are it’s parts connected to each other by the power of the internet. How we use this power will define the direction for all of humanity and I am proud to be at the forefront of the truth movement that we are all part of here at EIC.

I think it is essential for all of us to stay as connected as possible, we need to inspire and motivate each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be , when we do this the world will visibly change for the better.

So on that note I from the bottom of my heart I wish to say …. THANK YOU for liking and supporting my page.

If you wish to connect with me personally you can on:

Facebook :  Instagram: Email: [email protected]

Since many of you may wonder what the team behind EIC looks like I thought I’d leave you with a photo from the EIC Dream Team of Myself, Kassius, Gabriel and Marie <3 Thank you from all of us.

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