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Striking Photos Captivate What “Work” Looks Like for People Around the World



Photographers around the world capture the many ways humans contribute to their community in the #Work2020 contest. More than 9,000 images were submitted. These photos provide a glimpse into the daily lives of people around the globe. Whether we’re spending the day jumping from meeting to meeting or digging in the soil, the differences are connected in the ways we give back to one another with our labors of love.


‘Gold of farmer’ by @fdilekuyar. – A farmer throws corn in Turkey.


‘Harvesting salt’ by @caokynhan – A farmer raking salt in Vietnam.


Pottery’ by @thwethwetun – A potter in Yangon, Myanmar.


‘Colorful Cotton’ by @zayyarlin – These colorful threads are made from lotus stems and can only be seen at Inle Lake.


‘Melukis kain batik’ by @erwinsaleh – A woman dabs gold onto a quilt in Bogor Jawa Barat, Indonesia.


‘The Tunneler’ by @theliamman


Washing water lilies’ by @ptkhanhhvnh


‘Girl’ by @chanthar. A woman is painting umbrellas


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