Stray Cat Finds Man From Scotland & Cycles All Over the World With Him

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At 31, Dean Nicholson made the decision to change his life. A welder by trade, Dean traded his job for a solo cycle trip across the world.

Nicholson’s trip went well as he travelled from Dunbar in Scotland, passing through eight countries travelling south through Europe. However, when crossing the Bosnian border into Montenegro, fate had a hand in changing his plans.

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Despite music in his ears and a steep hill to cross, Nicholson heard a loud meow behind him and discovered a small kitten behind him. He stopped to stroke the kitty before moving on but kitty was not going to be left behind. She did what cats do best, charming Dean into changing his plan of travelling solo.

It was obvious to him that the starving kitty had been abandoned so after having her checked by a Vet he named her Nala and got her a pet passport. Nala was set to be his travelling partner.

Dean had to rearrange his equipment and made space for Nala in the front basket of his bike where he could keep an eye on her and she had a great view.

Nala was a loving and adventurous companion.  She was enjoying the ride and showed no signs of discomfort however long the ride was. Nala would often jump onto Dean’s shoulders for an elevated view and everyone who saw the pair wanted to chat and take their picture.

The pair travelled through towns and villages, discovered new places and off the beaten track beaches with Nala perched on his shoulder.

When winter came, Dean decided to push on with the journey and they travelled through the cold and rain but Nala ended up with a chest infection. Realising that he loved Nala too much to lose her, he booked them into a hostel where they stayed until she recovered.

With Nicholson’s love and care, Nala was well soon enough and they continued their journey. During their rest period, Dean had prepared a cosy waterproof basket for Nala to protect her from the elements for the rest of the ride.

Even the best laid plans can go awry when fate steps in. When Nicholson stopped when he heard that first meow and decided to take Nala with him, he soon realised that having her love and company to share his journey was meant to be.

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