I hope you always find the strength and courage to let go of the things that no longer bring any happiness to your life. Because when all is said and done, all we really want is to be happy. And that is exactly why we choose to fall in love in the first place.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship and has lost someone they truly loved for some absolutely silly reason will probably tell you that no matter how many obstacles you face, no matter how difficult things start to seem, and no matter what the circumstances might be, you should always keep fighting for the one you love most in this world, the one who makes you smile, the one who brightens up your life just by being in it, and the one who makes you feel a thousand emotions all at once. They’ll tell you to keep sacrificing. Keep treating them with respect. Keep giving them a place in your heart that no one else can possibly take. After all, why would you ever let go of someone you know you NEVER want to lose?

And more often than not, you’ll believe every word they say. Why? Because you’re scared of thinking about what might happen if you actually end up losing this person. You’re scared of ending up with the regret that perhaps you made some wrong decisions perhaps you ended it too soon and too irrationally. And you’re scared of knowing what it will be like to face this cruel world completely on your own. But are you aware of the one thing that can give you the most patience and strength in this life? Accepting the cold, hard truth that this person who once brought butterflies and rainbows to your life can only bring you thunderstorms and gray clouds now!

You need to know when the time has come to just walk away, even if walking away means you’ll end up unsure of what’s going to happen next, even if you feel like your heart will end up getting broken into a million tiny pieces, and even if you feel like this just might kill you. Knowing when to walk away will be a true reflection of your strength and character. I know you think about it in the middle of the night when he goes to sleep knowing that you’re upset. I know you think about it when he doesn’t reply to any of your text messages and doesn’t even pick up your calls. I know you think about it every time you go out with him and he continues to make you feel like he’d rather be somewhere else. But thinking about it just isn’t enough. If you’ve accepted the fact that this isn’t going well and you keep having thoughts about ending things, then you need to implement on those thoughts. You need to completely walk away without ever looking back.

After sacrificing every single thing you had – your blood, your sweat, your tears – you’ve reached a point where you’ve finally realized that not everything in life is meant to be, no matter how hard you keep trying.

Yes, true love is always worth fighting for. It’s worth the pain. It’s worth the tears. It’s worth the struggle. And it’s worth every single difficulty that comes your way.

But do you still think this is true love when you can’t seem to stop crying for even a minute, when your chest constantly feels heavy, and you keep feeling like you can’t even breathe? Is this the kind of life you want to keep fighting for?

I get how much it hurts. I get how exhausted you feel – exhausted from trying, from struggling to make things work one way or the other, from holding on to that tiny ray of hope just to keep the fire in your heart alive. But I need you to understand that there is a much better world out there for you, a world where you can truly be yourself, a world that won’t make you question the purpose of your existence, a world that actually feels safe and secure. And that world starts with YOU! Know your worth. Realize how important you are to the ones who truly love you. Be sure of the way you wish to be treated in life. Understand the kind of love you deserve to have.

How am I so sure of this beautiful world? Because I’ve been in the same place you are right now. I’ve had my heart completely ripped apart from my chest. I’ve seen my whole world come crashing down right before my eyes. And I know how it feels to lose the ability to breathe, to think straight, and to keep living your life normally. But I lived! I got through the pain. I picked up all the pieces of my heart and made it whole again. And I fought endlessly to make my world a happier place.

Never let your love be wasted on someone who doesn’t deserve it – this one realization will give you the strength to keep moving forward, to walk away from the things you once thought were your ‘everything’, and to start looking towards a happier life. No one knows what might happen next. But I assure you this : Something better is definitely waiting for you on the other side!

If someone truly wants you in their life, they won’t ever make you doubt it.

I hope you always find the strength and courage to let go of the things that no longer bring any happiness to your life. Because when all is said and done, all we really want is to be happy. And that is exactly why we choose to fall in love in the first place.

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