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Scotland Is Awake, It’s Time To Stand Up And Be Counted! Are You Ready?




As many of you are aware the recent referendum election in Scotland has brought an entire nation together. Scotland has been woken up from it’s slumber. The question is what do we do now? I have been an online activist for almost exactly 2 years, I have created many online movement’s including the page EducateInspireChange.Org. I have been waiting for the right time to turn my energy towards to real positive action and I can think of no better motivation than the recent referendum. In the past our freedom was fought for with blood on the battlefield but we live in changed times, our oppressors are much more wise and use weapons such as the media to subdue us and make us their slaves without even us knowing it. But people all around the world are waking up and have been for some time now. This is especially the case now in Scotland and I am asking all of you reading this to not just get on with your day but to stop for a few moments and ask yourself ‘what can I do?’.

I have set up a  Facebook page  – Scottish Independence Official Page and a group – ‘YES movement where you can find like minded people to connect with.

But what I really want us to do is to get active. We need to get together, exchange ideas , we need to get involved in civil disobedience and activism to produce any real results.

You can contact me at any of my Facebook pages or even my personal email at [email protected]

I hope this video below inspires you as it has me. I will also add a few links to other very informative and inspirational videos and I would ask you to share them around with everyone you know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Be inspired 😉 And who knows, you might be the spark that changes the world… I guess you will never know unless you try.

Please check out the links below!

Russell Brand Urges Scots To Disobey And Get Active For Real Results

I Will Spark The Brain That Will Change The World – Tupac Shakur

How Scottish Independence Was Stolen

Please share this with everyone you know. Be inspired. Get invloved. Inspire others.

Thank you

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