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Joe Rogan Asks ,’Consciousness, Life, The Universe, Reality, what exactly is it all?’



”If life wasn’t real it would be the craziest psychedelic trip ever” ~ Joe Rogan

I’m sure all of you at some point have heard someone say ‘I’m awake”. It’s something I’m hearing more and more often everyday, when I ask myself why ? I can only assume there is a shift in energy occurring in the planet amongst humans, and it’s taking place at an exponential rate, we are on a collision course with discovering what reality is, indeed we are discovering who we are. We are asking questions that have never before been asked and people’s consciousness’s are being expanded beyond realms never previously thought imaginable.

I for one believe we are living in perhaps one of the most exciting times in human history, to be part of this shift is an amazing feeling. The whole reason I created this website and the reason you are even reading this right now is because we are all on the same path and it’s a truly amazing journey to be on.

Thank you! – Kasim Khan / EIC Founder

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