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Profound Poem Titled ‘I Was Dying’ IS The State Of Modern Society Today



It was first published in a 4th Course Chicken Soup for the Soul book, submitted by Nicole Zablocki, but is now widely shared across the web. As soon as I came across it I knew I had to publish it on this website.

It reminds me very much of an article I wrote ‘Why I believe the whole world is brainwashed and what I’m doing to fix it’, so it really struck a chord with me.

In life we are told what religion to be, what subjects to learn, what job to get,what football team to support, what type of person to marry, when to retire. Everything is dictated to us so much so that it begs the question do we ever really make any decisions of our own?

Read the poem below and see if it resonates with you.

A You Tuber felt so moved by this poem he decided to create it in spoken form. Check out his video below:

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