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Poland’s Glowing Bike Trails Are Solar Powered & Provide Safe Travels With A View



Poland Bike Path

Opting for a stroll or bike ride along the city continues to grow in popularity as the collective makes changes to live environmentally conscious. A lot of areas construct bike lanes for rider safety. Europe takes it a step further with a solar-powered pathway. Poland’s glowing bike trails provide safe travels and energy-efficient light for city cyclists. Not only is it a constructive addition, but it adds a touch of beauty that leaves an everlasting mark.

Located in Lizbark, Warminski, Poland, this bike path is still in testing mode at only 328 ft (100m) long. The path is made of phosphor, a synthetic material that emits fluorescent light for up to 10 hours after absorbing sunlight during the day.

“We hope that the glowing bicycle path will help prevent bicycle and pedestrian accidents at night,” Igor Ruttmar, TPA president and CEO, told ABC News, according to HuffPost. “It’s a problem here in Poland, especially in the areas farther from the cities that are darker and more invisible in the night.”

There aren’t any recent reports tracking the progress of this project. However, this isn’t the only pathway lighting up the roads in Europe. In 2014, Dutch artist Daan Rososengard created a similar lane drawing inspiration from Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Instead of using phosphor as a tool, this pathway works with LEDs. 

Starry Night Bike Path

Photo via Studio Roosegaarde

“You have people who are interested in technology to make landscapes which are energy neutral,” Roosengaard told NPR. “You have people interested in cultural history and experiencing it in a contemporary way. You have boys and girls who have a first date and want to take their date to a special place.”

As city biking becomes more mainstream for commuters, sustainable safety options can be more than productive, but a work of art. 


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