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These Newborn Twins Can’t Stop Comforting Each Another After Birth & It Is Incredibly Moving



twin newborns

The trauma we experience upon birth is intense and the way these newborn twins comfort one another is incredibly moving. Going from the warmth of the womb and into the open space of life can be shocking for a little being. It is a lot colder than being in the belly. These newborn twins hold onto one another and provide warmth by hugging close. Could this be out of pure comfort necessity? Or is there a deeper language of love in play? The bond twins share is strong and it could be no surprise their nurturing instincts express so beautifully.

The video above demonstrates an approach called Thalasso Baby Bath. It is a relaxing way to ease the transition from leaving the womb. The newborns are bathed for 15 minutes while soft music plays. The resemblance to the womb is so similar it’s almost as if they don’t even realize they have been born!

Their nurse, Roshel Sonia, specializes in early childcare development and created this bathing technique after reflecting upon her own warm shower. 

twin babies

“The babies’ amazing response to the water is always beautiful to see,” Rochel said in an interview.

In the video, the babies are entirely submerged—except for their noses. It’s not a bad way to enter this life at all. If you find baths to be a relaxing way to unwind, give this approach a try. Immerse yourself underwater for 15 minutes, listen to binaural beats, and envision the womb space. These newborn babies are a gentle reminder of love’s power and the importance of taking a rest when making changes.


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