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Surprising Answers From Kids Asked Who They Would Most Want To Have Dinner With.




The kids in this video have a message that we can maybe learn something from.

The aim of the ad was to encourage Aussies to #MakeDinnertimeMatter, given all the demands of modern work and life, highlighting that dinner can be more than just a meal, but a time to catch up with the people who matter most to us.

As part of the campaign, MasterFoods toured the country asking a bunch of couples who their ideal dinner guest would be, before asking their little ones the same question. The answers were undeniably adorable.

Now it’s your turn. But we are going to put a little twist on it.

Imagine that you could have ONE dinner with any ONE person in the world — rich or poor, famous or unknown etc.

Who would you choose?

Please give your reasons in the comments below.

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