Although fear will always arise in our lives at some time, we have a choice whether we choose to let fear control us or to control our fear.

Although fear is false evidence appearing real, our mind doesn’t know the difference so having the emotion of fear an affect our lives in a bad way: fear is something that hasn’t even happened yet but we are afraid of it, yet our body reacts as though it has and stops us!

How do we get fearful?

Fear can be due to factors from:

  • Listening to the media
  • Making assumptions about people/races/countries that you don’t even know are true.
  • Listening to opinions of people who don’t want you to succeed
  • Making problems more dramatized than what they actually are.
  • Actions of others that may cause you to doubt yourself.
  • Thinking you are not good enough.

But you are good enough, the challenge is to believe you are and block out the negativity and limitations that are causing us to feel this way.

Fear is something we create and we can also destroy it.

Studies have shown that if we do something 10 times you won’t feel the fear anymore.
So if you really want to conquer your fear, write down all of your fears, then in 30 days do 1 of them 10x until you get more comfortable to do it. It makes sense, when you go on a date for the 1st time, you are so nervous, even after the 3/4/5th time, then if you marry this person, you come home to them every day and you are no longer nervous!

Once you conquer one fear, move on to the next one. This amazing technique allows us to remove fear for good and follow our dreams.

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