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Popular Cosmetic Line Chooses Young Woman With Down Syndrome As Ambassador



Beauty standards are ever changing as our expectations change. The “classic” idea of beauty is no longer, as our views change.

Meet Kate Grant, she has Down Syndrome and is one of the new models selected by Benefit cosmetics as a face for their new roller eye liner.

Kate is currently 20 years old and always dreamed of becoming a professional model, which was obviously not as easy as someone without a genetic disorder. That did not stop her, though, as in 2018 she received the crown during the Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World pageant in her home country, Ireland.

She made headlines and appeared on the TV show ‘This Morning’ as she was the first woman with Down Syndrome to win a beauty pageant of international caliber.

Kate says she hopes to use her success to inspire others and help them reach their modeling goals just as she has.

Benefit cosmetics fell in love with Kate almost instantly, saying that her energy and zest for life is infectious and exactly what their brand represented.

Her new job with benefit has put her in the spotlight in numerous promotional materials and all over Instagram. Something Kate is very proud of. The company claims that as the beauty industry is changing, and they clearly will be right ahead of everyone after signing Kate to be their brand ambassador.

This young and brave woman hopes she can inspire all women in the world, especially people with disabilities.

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